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Transport Logistics

Transshipment logistics – professional handling for your goods

Just as passengers change from one mode of transport to another, goods have to switch from one means of transport to another within almost every transport chain.

This is known as transshipment in the world of logistics – regardless of whether the change involves movement from one truck to another, or one shipping cessel to another or different means of transport linked together.(maritime shipping, trucks, railways and, not least, aircraft).

This takes place regardless of the number, size and shape of the goods being moved, but the process is always tailored to what is required.

In addition to transport and warehousing services, transshipment logistics is a central component of our supply chains management system and is therefore part of the range of products offered by Alrobe International Corporation Ltd, which is a service provider. Our employees ensure that vehicles are loaded and unloaded quickly. We work with competent partners to cope with special jobs in the field of project logistics; they may have special cranes for loading and unloading heavy goods, for example.



A strong sense of customer orientation is one of the key features of theservices that we offer at Alrobe International Corporation Limited. This is also apparent in all the services that we provide for each individual customer and its special wishes for consignments.    

Transport Logistics – precision management in the movement of goods

The best consumer item is useless if it does not reach the shops or cannot be supplied to consumers on time. The latest manufacturing plant for industrial goods remains an unprofitable investment if the supplies of raw materials and semi-finished products are not handled in an effective way.

The movement of goods either locally or globally is the dominant feature of the modern business world; production processes have diversified enormously, particularly in terms of where they take place. Different types of fruit and vegetables, spices, mineral deposits and animal products, which are only found in particular regions on the planet, were among the first items that required international transport services. The globalised division of labour is now the rule rather than the exception and calls for innovative transport logistics services. But even the production and delivery of local products demand precise planning so that the relevant means of transport and intermediate storage facilities can be used in the correct way.

Because Transport Logistics Knows no Borders, we at the Alrobe International Corporation Limited use our services and own assets to cope ith the enormous challenge of linking up various staging posts in a transport chain quickly and reliably on a daily basis. We make full use of all the opportunities available to global transport companies or those with modern organisational structures on behalf of our customers and use overland, sea, rail and air services. We seek to reduce costs and transport times with our inter-modal approach and it plays a significant role in our operations. We also make every effort to use resources in a sustainable manner in our transport logistics business.

Based on our all-round view, transport logistics does not end with loading or unloading the mode of transport and shipping the goods from A to B. We offer you a comprehensive range of services in all matters related to sourcing, production and distribution. This not only applies to the B2B field, but also when making deliveries to final customers.